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Shellebrate® World Turtle Day® on May 23: Honoring Shelled Wonders and Spreading Conservation Love

Hello, fellow shellebrators, educators, and turtle enthusiasts! It's Susan Tellem, the proud founder of American Tortoise Rescue and World Turtle Day, ready to embark on a journey of shellebration for World Turtle Day! Let's dive into the fascinating world of turtles and tortoises, while also raising awareness about the pet trade and the importance of conservation.

World Turtle Day is our time to shine a spotlight on the incredible diversity of turtles and tortoises and their vital role in ecosystems. These amazing shelled beings have been around for millions of years, witnessing the rise and fall of mighty civilizations, outliving the dinosaurs and teaching us invaluable lessons about resilience and adaptability.

While we shellebrate the unique beauty of turtles and tortoises, it's essential to address the challenges they face, including the pet trade, smuggling and live food markets worldwide conservation concerns. Let's take a closer look!

Shining a Light on the Pet Trade: The pet trade can be a complex realm when it comes to turtles and tortoises. On this World Turtle Day, let's educate ourselves and others about responsible pet ownership. Share the joy of having turtles and tortoises as companions, but also emphasize the importance of understanding their needs, providing proper care, and avoiding impulse purchases.

Conservation Chronicles: Turtles and tortoises are environmental superheroes! They play critical roles in maintaining balanced ecosystems and have captivating life stories. Through World Turtle Day, we can share tales of conservation success, highlighting efforts to protect habitats, combat illegal trafficking, and promote responsible captive breeding programs. World Turtle Day is also an excellent opportunity to honor the heroes who dedicate their lives to protecting turtles and tortoises. Let's highlight the work of researchers, conservationists, and organizations committed to preserving these incredible species. We'll celebrate their tireless efforts and encourage others to get involved.

Turtle Tales: Brace yourselves for heartwarming and inspiring stories! We work year-round, not just on World Turtle Day, to help rescue and rehabilitate turtles and tortoises who have been injured or abused, partnering with specialized veterinarians and organizations around the country. Meet one of our special needs turtles, Snow White, who is being nursed back to health right now and consider helping with her care if you can!

Shellebrate with Fun: Who says education can't be fun? Check out some of our turtley fun activities on our site here. And get creative with your own to shellebrate in style, letting our imaginations run wild while nurturing our love and respect for these marvelous creatures. You can show off your turtle love every day of the year with our t-shirts, hats and more: all the proceeds go back to helping turtles and tortoises. Or grab some stickers for a tortally fun reminder on your notebook, computer or water bottle every day of the year.

Remember, shellebrating World Turtle Day isn't just a one-day affair. It's a call to action, a reminder that we can make a positive impact every day of the year! By sharing knowledge, promoting responsible pet ownership, and supporting conservation efforts, we can create a brighter future for turtles and tortoises.

See you at!

Turtley yours,

Susan Tellem

Founder of American Tortoise Rescue and World Turtle Day


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