top of page Launches Limited Edition “Save The Tortoise Collection” For World Turtle Day 2023 Launches Limited Edition “Save The Tortoise Collection” For World Turtle Day 2023 in Partnering with American Tortoise Rescue, the largest online eyewear retailer, has launched a stunning limited edition Save the Tortoise Collection in honor of World Turtle Day 2023 on May 23rd. This new collection features 13 unique tortoiseshell style frames, each one directly inspired by a specific tortoise facing extinction.

With over 1 million pairs of tortoiseshell style frames sold at, the company is committed to helping protect, preserve and raise awareness for the beloved animals inspiring this popular style. The Save The Tortoise Collection comes forth in partnership with American Tortoise Rescue in Malibu with up to 10% of proceeds being donated to the foundation.

Each pair of glasses in the collection pays artistic homage to a specific tortoise, sharing the same name and taking inspiration from the most intricate details and translating them through the frames. All frames are made from 100% plant-based acetate and are available as eyeglasses or sunglasses with fully customizable lens options. is proud to present our Save the Tortoise Collection in collaboration with the American Rescue Tortoise. This collection demonstrates our commitment to conservation efforts, aiming to raise awareness and actively contribute to a sustainable future for tortoises worldwide. By choosing our Save the Tortoise Collection, customers actively join us in making a positive difference and supporting the preservation of these remarkable creatures.” shares Arie Tom, CMO at

Join to support a truly worthy cause and make a stylish statement with the limited edition Save The Tortoise Collection. Learn more at Save the Tortoise Glasses - Inspired by Endangered Tortoises (

Here is a list of frames descriptions included in the collection:

  • The Western Pond frame, just as the shell of the tortoise itself, is lower and broader in shape, with extending end pieces that represent the tortoise’s prominent head and tail.

  • The Mata Mata frame, like its turtle counterpart, has a very striking look. In addition to its standout color, the noticeable laminated edges depict its triangular, flattened head.

  • The African Sideneck is a round frame with a smooth, block color finish, illustrating the tortoise’s same characteristics and body shape. The transparent arms are a nod to the light color of its distinctive face.

  • The Volcan Darwin Giant has a specific character of its own. Its dark green top and brown patterned bottom shares a wonderful likeness to the tortoise with its dark green shell and patterned under body.

  • The Egyptian is a delicate, half frame, representing this famously small tortoise. While the arms are brightly patterned, the frame itself has black upper rims, to honor the dark, clearly marked chevrons on its scales.

  • The Bolson frame is one of the more unique in the collection. More oval and flat, akin to this giant tortoise, with the same ashy, matte finish as the tortoise’s shell.

  • The Parrot Beaked frame has what can only be described as adorable red nose pads that perfectly celebrate the noses of the dominant males that become bright red or orange during breeding season.

  • The Greek frame is green in color, and similar to the tortoise’s shell and lower body, the upper half is domed where the lower half is more square.

  • The Box, as its name suggests, is an oversized square frame. These sunglasses lenses are red tinted to illustrate the tortoises signature red eyes.

  • The Geometric boasts a sleek, angular shape, and a strong black and yellow appearance like the distinguished tortoise shell. This particular frame has the collection's signature engraving on the outer temple, highlighting the eye-catching scales on the tortoise’s legs.

  • The Angonoka frame, when turned upside down, mimics the highly domed, oval shape of this impressive tortoise.

  • The Leopard frame conveys the attractively marked pattern in this tortoise’s uniform yellow and brown colors. The oval ridges of this unique frame shape perfectly model the shape of the tortoise shell.

  • The Santiago Giant, another oversized frame doing justice to this large tortoise, and displays the beautifully chic gray tones that ensure the same stand-out look of its tortoise doppelganger.


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